The solutions chosen by our customers!
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The solutions chosen by our customers!

The restaurant is on two levels furnished in New Liberty style that makes it unmistakable.
  The colors from yellow to orange to the walls embellished with beautiful Batik and cherry wood that make it warm and cozy - Tables with separè and chairs Vienna, a warm cherry wood - soft light and wax lamps on the tables.

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Spice T is Italretail's innovative all-in-one cash point suitable for those operating in the restaurant industry, equipped with Android OS and RISTORANDRO management software.

Thanks to its compact design and integrated fiscal printer, this product has a small footprint on the sales counter.
The Android operating system guarantees ease of use and excellent performance, as well as the possibility of using a management software that exceeds the limits of the classic fiscal meter, making Spice T a powerful and versatile tool.

Maximum printing speed of receipts and invoices, connection of external printers, to print in A4 format or to generate tax receipts and non-fiscal prints.

Spice T is versatile and modular, adapting it to your sales needs.

The integration with Ristorandro software makes it a truly complete product: visit the dedicated website to discover all the advantages you can get from this solution for your restaurant, pizzeria, pub etc.

For a free demonstration of the product do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians are at your disposal to show you all the features of the product.

Pizzeria Francesco Rocco

The Maestro pizzaiolo Francesco Rocco since childhood has cultivated a passion for pizza that over the years has become his lifestyle, NOT SUCCEEDING TO LIVE WITHOUT IT; this love for pizza brings him, day after day, to experiment with new doughs and know every single product so that it can realize and satisfy every palate

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PUNTO CASSA ALL-IN-ONE si compone di tre elementi base

  • all-in-one 15″
  • software gestionale RistorAndro
  • stampante fiscale

Il sistema è espandibile attraverso il collegamento di periferiche ed accessori che si integrano perfettamente con RistorAndro, in base alle esigenze

  • stampanti non fiscali e per i centri di produzione
  • palmari professionali (o smartphone) per prendere le comande ai tavoli
  • bracciali RFID per l’identificazione degli operatori e dei clienti fidelizzati
  • tablet lato cliente per modulo pubblicitario interattivo Vision Droid
  • lettori di codici a barre