Registratore di cassa telematico - come funziona e cosa è cambiato!
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Registratore di cassa telematico - come funziona e cosa è cambiato!

Farewell to the register of fees

With the introduction of electronic fees, explained the Inland Revenue in a discussion dedicated to the news of this year, it will no longer be necessary to keep the register of fees. The electronic storage and telematic transmission of data directly to the Agency in fact replace the recording obligations of the operations carried out on each day. Furthermore, it will no longer be necessary to keep copies of commercial documents issued to customers. This system will allow the Agency to promptly and correctly acquire the fiscal data of the operations to make them available - through free services - to the same VAT operators or their intermediaries, supporting them in filling in the VAT return and in the tax payment.

Checks and maintenance of the electronic cash register

As with old cash registers, telematic models also have to undergo technical checks. To perform them is the Commission that is responsible for approving the commissioning of the appliance according to the compliance rules established by the Provision of 28 October 2016. The telematic recorders can be activated or deactivated only by personnel of laboratories authorized by the Revenue Agency. and undergo biennial checks, after the first that occurs at the time of activation.

Telematic cash register: operation and what to do in case of failure

At the time of daily closure, the electronic cash register transmits the daily fees by generating an XML file, which is electronically sealed and sent to the Revenue Agency. The electronic seal guarantees the authenticity, confidentiality and unalterability of the data. The Agency certifies the transmission of data in real time. If the result is negative, the information has not been transmitted and merchants are required to resend the correct file within 5 working days.
In the event of a fault, a qualified technician must be contacted for repair. In the meantime, you can use another active electronic cash register or manually record the data.


 Dear customer, if your cash register on January 1, 2020 was activated to send the fees to the tax office, we remind you of these important tips to put into practice:

Check that the printing of the receipts shows the VAT rates correctly associated with the products sold: the change in the operating mode of the fiscal meter also changed the print format of the receipts, in each receipt for each row the sales tax rate is reported It is appropriate to check that the migration of the rates has been done correctly. Remember that this data is sent to the tax agency and is therefore essential to be correct.
Remember that the fiscal meter asks for a fiscal closure every 24 hours. If the shop is closed for at least one day per shift or holiday, it is necessary to close the tax before being able to make the first receipt.
The cash meter should have been correctly programmed to send tax closures automatically to the tax agency. It is therefore advisable to leave the cash register on after the service so that it can send the data independently: if in doubt, contact our service center
Remember that the operating methods for canceling the receipt and the return operation have changed.