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  • Cash Registers
    Cash Registers (3)

    RCH designs and develops compact and elegant solutions for the cash point of shops. The cash registers

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  • Pos system
    Pos system (2)

    una gamma specializzata di prodotti e servizi, ideali per ottimizzare i processi di gestione e migliorare l’esperienza d’acquisto.

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  • Totems and Kiosks
    Totems and Kiosks (1)

    RCH interactive touch screen kiosks allow you to place do-it-yourself orders quickly and easily, reducing queue times and optimizing payment management within your establishment.

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  • Price Tag Printer
  • SiComputer
    SiComputer (1)

    If innovation is an important part of our world, so are our founding values. These values speak to us of Beauty, Reliability, Respect for the Environment, Human Relationship and Trust in the Future.

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  • Label Printers
    Label Printers (1)

    A label printer is a device used to print adhesive labels or tags directly from a computer or mobile device. These printers are widely used in commercial and industrial settings to produce customized labels for tracking, organizing, and identifying products and goods.

    Label printers can use a variety of printing technologies, such as direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing, or inkjet printing. They can print on a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic,...

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